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Lost Puppies (Lost Puppies) are NPC's released with 101 Dalmatians Event Update on 24th August 2021.


Lost Puppies are the soot-covered puppies brought back to London by Pongo and Perdita; disguised as Labrador Retrievers to elude Cruella one final time on their journey home; only revealed as Dalmatians when they return to Roger, Anita and Nanny to count their now 101-dog pack.


LOST PUPPIES are APPEARING all over the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to catch the Lost Puppies.

Collect Tokens and Select a Character to Catch Them!
Puppy Leashes and Featherdusters are required in order for a character to catch the Lost Puppies. These Tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Complete the quest to CATCH LOST PUPPIES!
Capturing the Lost Puppies is required to complete quests and progress through the event's storyline.

Lost Puppies Return Until the Quest Is Complete!
Lost Puppies will continue to appear until the quest is completed!


Lost Puppies can be captured by Penny, Patch, and Pongo once the quest HOW Many Dalmatians? is unlocked and by Penny, Rolly, and Perdita once the quest A Clean 101 is unlocked, by using the Puppy Leash Token (Puppy Leash Token) and Featherduster Token (Featherduster Token) tokens.

101 Dalmatians Event 2021
Quest Requirements Spawn Rate Time Rewards
HOW Many Dalmatians? (x6) Puppy Leash Token4, Featherduster Token2 6 every 2 hours 60m [1] Kanine Krunchies5
A Clean 101 (x9) Puppy Leash Token4, Featherduster Token2 6 every 2 hours 60m [2] Kanine Krunchies5
  1. 10s with Penny
  2. 10s with Penny or Rolly