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Character Dialogue
Minnie Mouse Oh Mickey, I can't believe it! My beautiful gardens... They're ruined!
Minnie Mouse When I get my hands on whoever messed with my petunias, they'll regret they ever crossed THIS green thumb!
Mickey Mouse Well, look on the bright side, Minnie -- imagine what you can do with all-NEW gardens!
Minnie Mouse Good point, Mickey... Hand me my pruning shears!

Lost Landscaping[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Minnie Mouse
Level 1
Send Minnie to do some gardening.
"Fix Up the Gardens"
12h Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Gosh, Minnie, look at all this landscaping! I'd say it's your best work yet.
Minnie Mouse You know, I think you're right!
Minnie Mouse A dedicated gardener never shies away from a landscaping challenge.