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Character Dialogue
Michael Darling You were a hard leader to follow, John.
John Darling I beg your pardon! I think I set a fine example, thank you very much.
Michael Darling You do... but you walked by the Lost Boys' tree a lot of times, too! I wanted to tell you, but it wasn't the rules either.
John Darling ... Ah. W-well, if you're still willing to follow me... why don't we go and visit them now?

Lost Boys, Meet Lost Boys[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
John Darling
Level 2
Send Michael and John to the Lost Boys' Hideout.[1]
"Go See the Lost Boys"
16h Experience30, Magic250
Michael Darling
Level 1
Character Dialogue
John Darling Well! The Lost Boys were certainly a great help.
John Darling Who would have known that we could summon Peter Pan simply by imitating the call of the common "Gallus Gallus Domesticus"?
Michael Darling Yeah! And by crowing like a rooster, too!
Michael Darling Let me try... "COCK-A-DOODLE DOOOOO!!!"