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Character Dialogue
Pumbaa I'm glad Simba and Nala are coming to help with Scar...but I feel bad sitting around doing nothing while we wait for 'em.
Timon Pumbaa, what are you talking about!? You LOVE sitting around doing nothing! Sheesh, you think you'd know a guy...
Pumbaa Oh, I don't wanna go after Scar ourselves...maybe we just try and distract him. That way, he might not talk to so many hyenas...
Pumbaa ...And I know just how to do it, too!

Look Over Here!!![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Pumbaa and Timon to distract Scar... WITH SONG!
"Distract Scar"
4h Experience5, King Symbols50
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Pumbaa See? That was distracting AND fun!
Timon Yeah, yeah, I'll give you "fun", but I think we might've just really annoyed the evil lion.
Timon Did you see him rolling his eyes and clawing at his ears when we got to the third chorus...
Timon That said -- the more time Scar spends judgin' our singing voices, the less time he'll spend tryin' to take over this place!
Pumbaa Yeah! That's the spirit! ... I think.