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Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen I have to make sure Madame Eudora hasn't gotten herself into any trouble...
Prince Naveen ... But I do not like how restless the ball guests are becoming, either. They expected to see Tiana by now, too...
Prince Naveen We have a saying in Maldonia: "A party that becomes a riot is not a party at all."
Prince Naveen Okay, I admit: It loses something in translation! Still, I should make sure everything does not get out of hand...

Look! Over Here![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Prince Naveen
Level 2
Send Prince Naveen to distract the guests.
"Distract the Guests"
4h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen Ha ha! No audience can resist the scintillating performance of Prince Naveen! I ALWAYS leave them wanting more.
Prince Naveen ... Except for in this case, in which I very much hope that they are satisfied enough to leave me alone for a few hours.
Prince Naveen I have two very important women to find! It is hard to do that with an entourage.