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Character Dialogue
Michael Darling Wendy... I remembered home, and then I got sad. Do you think Father has tied Nana up outside again?
Wendy Darling Oh Michael... I'm very sure he hasn't! Father never stays angry at Nana for long, you know.
Michael Darling I know. But I miss her... Nana, and Mother and Father, too!
Wendy Darling I do too, Michael. But so long as we think of them fondly, we're never far from home -- not really!

London Memories[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Michael Darling
Level 7
Send Michael and Wendy to think of home.
"Think of Home"
16h Experience30, Magic250
Wendy Darling
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Michael Darling Thank you, Wendy! I feel better now.
Wendy Darling Me too! And remember: If you ever feel as if you're forgetting what home is like, be sure to tell me. I'll remind you!
Michael Darling Hurray!
Michael Darling When I was in Never Land, I forgot and thought Mother was Nana. I'm glad I remembered!