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Character Dialogue
Tiana I've made a LOT of gumbo over the years: Creole-style, Cajun-style, z'herbes...
Tiana But sometimes I think back to the swamp gumbo I made that one night in the bayou, and... well, I don't think I'll ever beat it!
Tiana I've actually been trying to recreate it for the restaurant... If I can just get the ingredients right, I know it'll be a hit!
Tiana Of course, FINDING those ingredients is another thing altogether...

Locally Sourced[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Tiana to go foraging in the Bayou.[1]
"Go Foraging in the Bayou"
16h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires Goin' Down the Bayou
  2. The rewards were Experience5, Voodoo Coins50 during Dreams Do Come True! Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Tiana Okay: I've got the right kind of okra, the right kind of pumpkin... and a couple handfuls of finely minced mushrooms, of course...
Tiana But it feels like something's still missing! I just don't know what yet... Maybe I should ask Naveen for a taste test and--
Tiana Wait... That's it! Naveen... I think, even that early on... being with him that night made everything taste that much better.
Tiana I guess love must be one of the greatest seasonings out there!
Tiana Heh... Even if it IS a little corny saying that out loud.