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Character Dialogue
Genie JAFAR! Tall guy? Totally creepy? Excessive egomaniac? Turned into a snake and tried to kill you?
Genie ... 'Cause I'm PRETTY sure THAT Jafar's trapped in a lamp that I punted into the Cave of Wonders. ... Maybe he's got a cousin.
Aladdin I don't know how, Genie, but it was definitely him! He said something about using dark magic to create a new Curse...
Genie ... Yeesh. Looks like SOMEBODY'S still a few kababs short of a combo plate... Lucky for us, I'VE got magic to spare! Watch THIS...

Live from Agrabah![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Genie's Lamp Show.[1] 8h Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
  1. Requires Genie Level 2
Character Dialogue
Genie ET VOLIÀ! We've got spotlights! We've got bongos! We've got... big, dancing, freaky-lookin' versions of my hands.
Genie Yeah, not really sold on those, but the interior decorator thought they'd draw the eye. Contractors! Don't get me started.
Aladdin Wow. That's really...colorful, Genie - but how's it gonna help us with Jafar?
Genie HELP US WITH J--! Al, if you can't recognize a one-stop musical spell-a-torium when you see it, I ain't been doing my job!
Genie I like to make sure ALL my magical headquarters have a built-in dance floor. Dance break, anyone?