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Character Dialogue
Nala Between the two of us, Simba has a reputation for being the carefree one in the relationship...
Nala I understand. He's a very responsible king now, but he DOES tell stories about growing up with Pumbaa and Timon...
Nala ... Well, I was a cub once, too! And I like to relax down by the waterhole just as much as Simba does.

Lion Around[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Nala to relax at the Circle of Life.[1]
"Time to Relax"
4h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires The Circle of Life
  2. The rewards were Experience5, King Symbols50 during Circle of Life Event 2017
Character Dialogue
Nala That was exhausting!
Nala I had barely lied down when a crocodile asked me to resolve a noise complaint against an elephant...
Nala After that, the ELEPHANT asked me to chastise the CROCODILES for lurking in the water! I didn't even get to take a nap!
Nala I would like just one afternoon where I don't have to be responsible for anything! How can I make that happen?
Nala Timon and Pumbaa never act responsibly. Maybe there is merit in that whole Hakuna Matata thing.