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Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen Hey! Buddy! You, with the sinister disposition and the tacky hat! I don't know if you remember me, but, funny story...
Prince Naveen ...I happen to be a former customer! Crazy, no? For what it's worth, I would VERY much like to register a complaint.
Dr Heh... Come to grill me about where I stashed Tiana, huh? Cute. ... And stupid.
Dr Yes: I'm afraid y'all are gonna have to take this up with my... "business partners." He's all yours, boys!

Light 'Em Up![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Shadow Spirits Banish Shadow Spirits. (x5)
"Spawn Rate: 3 every 2 hours"
10m [1] Experience10, Voodoo Coins50
  1. Although the character activities requires 10m, the complete quest duration is 2h because of the Shadow Spirits spawn rate.

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Charlotte La Bouff
Level 1
Charlotte La Bouff: Banish a Shadow Spirit 36s Experience 2, Voodoo Coins 10
Prince Naveen
Level 1
Prince Naveen: Banish a Shadow Spirit 2m Experience 2, Voodoo Coins 10
Mama Odie
Level 1
Mama Odie: Banish a Shadow Spirit 2m Experience 2, Voodoo Coins 10

Character Dialogue
Eudora Are you sure Naveen's got those things handled, honey? I do NOT like the look of them...
Tiana I'm sure, Mama. He's been through all this before -- and he's got Mama Odie backing him up, too. He'll be fine!
Tiana Now: Did you see where the Shadow Man ran off to when he thought no one was watching him?
Eudora Mhm. Lafayette Cemetery #1: There's no mistaking it. And he was so worked up he didn't even notice me, either!
Tiana Of course... It all makes sense! Come on, Mama: It's time we gave the Shadow Man what's coming to him.