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Character Dialogue
Pete Oh yeah, this here is my kinda place! Especially now that all that bright and cheery stuff's gone.
Pete And without all them kids around, I can finally get some peace and quiet. Yep, think I'll call this place home.
Goofy Hey there, Pete! Ya here to enjoy the Kingdom?
Pete Heh heh, yeah. I'll enjoy the Kingdom all right.
Character Dialogue
Merlin I couldn't have done better myself! This part of the Kingdom is now free of that wretched Curse!
Merlin Unfortunately, it's also free of laughter and happiness, which is a most definite problem.
Merlin But, I have a solution! We shall start rebuilding so that our friends can return. Let's begin with the Fun Wheel!

Let the Fun Begin[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Fun Wheel. 60s Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Merlin To hurry things along, I have some powerful Gems that will speed up this Magic!
Mickey Mouse Oh boy! Rebuilding the Fun Wheel brought some friends back to the Kingdom!
Merlin Excellent! The Kingdom is looking more joyful already!