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Character Dialogue
Merlin Thank goodness the Kingdom's caretaker wasn't caught in this dastardly Curse.
Merlin Magic here is running very low, but his search brought a little of it back.
Merlin For now, let's use Magic to clear the dark spell surrounding the castle.

Let the Curse Be Lifted[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Merlin Clear the Curse on the castle.[1] 4s Experience5, Magic100
Clear Curse?
  1. Unlock the Cinderella Castle
Character Dialogue
Merlin Huzzah, it worked! That means Magic is still here, and all we have to do is find it!
Merlin If we can create enough fun and happiness, we can make more Magic, rebuild the Kingdom, and clear away the Curse for good!
Merlin That will NOT make whoever did this happy. So stay on your guard.