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Character Dialogue
Tiana We've got to tell her, Naveen! I know we said staying quiet was our best option before, but things are different now.
Prince Naveen I know that! But... well, she is your MOTHER. What if... what if she cannot handle it?
Tiana Naveen, we told Charlotte a year ago, and SHE could handle it. ... CHARLOTTE.
Prince Naveen ... On second thought? You may have a point. But... at least let us tell her someplace where we can be VERY sure she believes us...

Let In the Light![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Mama Odie's Tree.[1] 4h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
  1. Requires Tiana Level 2
Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen ... And to make a long story short? THIS is the home of the Voodoo priestess who... ah... officiated us turning into humans again.
Eudora Oh. Well... that IS a long story.
Eudora But the important thing is... I'm glad you trusted me enough to tell it. Now: How can I help?
Prince Naveen Faldi faldonza... Just... just like that? You are serious? Madame Eudora... where have you BEEN all my life?!
Prince Naveen Seriously -- if I didn't fear somehow turning you into a frog by accident, I could kiss you!