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Character Dialogue
Nani Okay... Okay. I've dealt with alien stuff before... I can deal with this, too. Probably.
Nani I just have to... learn how to drive whatever kind of hovercraft is over there, well enough to free Stitch from a robot monster.
Nani It sounds worse now that I said it out loud, doesn't it.

Let Him Go!!![]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Nani to try and free Stitch!
"Try and Free Stitch!"
2h Experience5, Galactic Coins50 Ugly Duckling Book Token1
Character Dialogue
Nani Ay-yi-yi... This is worse than learning to drive a stick shift! I can't even get close enough to do anything...
Nani Okay. NEW new plan: Find somebody who knows how to beat a giant alien robot, free Stitch, find Lilo, THEN go to the meeting.
Nani Wait... The MEETING!!!