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Character Dialogue
King Triton Atlantica is heavily guarded... and Ursula will have violated the terms of her banishment the moment she sets a tentacle there.
King Triton That means I'll have the upper fin... but I can't afford to let my guard down. Who knows what that monster could be planning...

Let's Have a Look-Sea[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
King Triton
Level 2
Send King Triton to search Atlantica for Ursula.[1]
"Search Atlantica"
4h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
  1. Requires Atlantica
Character Dialogue
Ursula Why, King Triton! Hah! Long time, no see...
King Triton Don't test me, Ursula. Whatever you've done to Ariel, I swear I'll--
Ursula Oh! THAT little spell? Why, that's merely a trifle! And easily reversible, at that...
Ursula Provided, of course, that you surrender all of your powers -- and that pretty little trident of yours -- to me.
King Triton Ursula... This is barbaric. Even for you.