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Character Dialogue
Sina All right... Time to convince some Kakamora to put their weapons away and leave us alone.
Sina However hard this is, it can't possibly be any harder than convincing Moana to stay out of the ocean when she was a baby...
Sina For one thing, I'd bet Kakamora are a LOT quicker to notice frantic, maternal hand-waving.

Lay Down Your Shells![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kakamora Stop the Kakamora. (x8)
"Spawn Rate: 3 every 2 hours"
16m [1] Experience5, Shiny Shells50
  1. Although the character activities requires 16m, the complete quest duration is 4h because of the Kakamora spawn rate.

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 1
Sina: Defeat a Kakamora 2m Experience 2, Shiny Shells 10
Chief Tui
Level 1
Chief Tui: Defeat a Kakamora 2m Experience 2, Shiny Shells 10
Gramma Tala
Level 1
Gramma Tala: Defeat a Kakamora 36s Experience 2, Shiny Shells 10

Character Dialogue
Sina Well, even if the Kakamora can understand me... I'm DEFINITELY sure they don't feel like talking back.
Sina Unless "shooting blow darts at strangers' heads" counts as a language, anyway...
Sina At least we chased most of them away... even if we were trying to do it politely.