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Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter Come, come, my dear fellow -- why WORRY about the time when you could have TEAtime?!
Caterpillar TEA... ? But... WHY?!
Mad Hatter EXACTLY! Oh, I'm so VERY glad you see things my way! Nothing like a few hours of teatime to get your slippers on straight...

Late? Wait![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send the Caterpillar and the Hatter to the Fairway.[1]
"To the Fairway for Tea"
2h Experience5, Queen Coins50
Mad Hatter
Level 5
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter ... How about a little more tea? Nothing like an eighty-seventh cup of tea to get your slippers on str--
Caterpillar No, no, no -- I do NOT want TEA! And if you DO... Well, there will be tea enough at that blue girl's unbirthday party!
Mad Hatter Blue girl... Ohh, you mean ALICE! But that's just silly! You see, I haven't even BEGUN to prepare ALICE's unbirthday party yet--
Mad Hatter ... GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! That's what I was TRYING to remember to do in the first place!
Caterpillar Then that is EXACATICALLY what you should DO!!!