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Character Dialogue
Sebastian You cannot be serious, Your Majesty! You gave up your powers to Ursula once before -- and look what came of it!
King Triton I know, Sebastian... but if we can't find some other way to break the spell on Ariel, I may have no other choice.
Sebastian Then we WILL find another way -- even if I have to defeat the Sea Witch myself!
Sebastian Er... Though I would rather we think of some other ideas, first.

King's Council[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Sebastian & Triton to discuss their options.
"Discuss Their Options"
6h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
King Triton
Level 2
Character Dialogue
Ariel What's wrong, Sebastian? You look more worried than usual...
Sebastian Oh, Ariel... I am all right, but your father is not! It is all I can do to convince him not to give up his powers to Ursula...
Ariel Give up his... Oh, no! I know he would do anything to keep me safe, but that would be...
Ariel I'll talk to him, Sebastian -- right away. Maybe I can change his mind.
Sebastian I hope you can, Ariel -- for both of our sakes!