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Character Dialogue
Tia Dalma The pieces are set in motion... All three return to where they began. To where they are meant to be.
Tia Dalma And one of them, I keep watchful eye on. Him is no longer under my power, after all... Free as the wind and tide.
Tia Dalma I wonder what him will do with the life I give him?

Keep a Weather Eye Open...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Captain Barbossa
Level 2
Send Barbossa to find Jack's Ship.
"Find Jack's Ship"
24h Experience30, Magic250
Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa Aha! The rumors told me true... There be my ship -- safe at harbor in Castillo del Morro! A port I know well...
Captain Barbossa I never DID manage to sack that place properly. Not for lack of trying, of course.
Captain Barbossa Well: First time for everything, I'd wager. With stealth on my side and Turner nowhere in sight, that ship's as good as mine!
Captain Barbossa Though I have the funniest feelin' I'm bein' watched...
Tia Dalma Hmhmhm... Men of the sea... they never change.