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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera I just had this idea... well, more like I realized something I probably should have before.
Miguel Rivera How am I supposed to put on a REAL Tribute to the Rivera Family, when I'm the only living Rivera who knows about it?
Miguel Rivera Yeah... I gotta get at least SOMEBODY else in my family in on this, too! But who...? Everyone else is working at this time of day...
Miguel Rivera Wait... Except for Abuelita! She was going to head into town to get offerings for Coco... I'll find her there!

Keep It in the Familia[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Miguel Rivera
Level 5
Send Miguel to look around the Market.[1]
"Look Around the Market"
2h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Aahhh... Looks like I just missed her. The guy at the flower shop said she was just here, too...
Miguel Rivera (She did get Coco a really nice offering, though! My great-grandma always liked roses...)
Miguel Rivera Anyway: Abuelita can't have gotten that far. And I can run pretty fast -- so I think I can catch up with her, too!
Miguel Rivera Abuelita CAN be really fast sometimes -- but it's usually when I'm in trouble and she's chasing me.