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Character Dialogue
Maleficent Hmph! Hardly a setback at all... THAT spell was merely a taste of what's to come.
Merlin Ha Ha! Good show -- good show! The forces of evil may be on the rise, but they're no match for us!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent Hah! If THAT simple a hex stymied my foes, then this next spell will destroy them utterly!
Merlin Steady on! No matter the obstacles in our way, the forces of good will win out... Or my name isn’t Merlin! ... Wich it is.

Character Dialogue
Doc Brr-rr-rr! There's a real frill in the bear-- I mean, a chill in the air! I can feel it right down to my toes...
Doc It's the same feeling I got when the old Queen was workin' her witchcraft... It always got thundery-er when she was around.
Doc But that means... LAND SNAKES! The Princess! I've gotta make sure she's all bright-- Uh -- all right!

Keep Four-Eyes Out![]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Doc to keep watch for the Queen.
"Keep Watch for the Queen"
2h Maleficent Coins100 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Doc Well, I've looked spry and slow -- uh, high and low, and there's no Queen's nowhere... so the Princess should be safe!
Doc Well, I might've see a queenly sort of a someone, once... but she was MUCH too friendly-lookin' to be our Queen!
Doc It sure did get awful cold when she was nearby, though...