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Character Dialogue
Sina See? The half of the tapestry we found shows our people TALKING with the Kakamora. But it matches up with YOUR half...
Moana ... Which shows Maui lifting up their ship! Wait... but that could mean he's not trying to defeat them -- he's trying to HELP them!
Moana Maui said their boats were stuck on the reef... Maybe they're just mad because they're trapped here! They LITERALLY need a lift...
Moana Okay, new plan: Maui and I can keep them distracted, while you guys find what we need to repair their boats! We can DO this!

Just a Patch Job[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Chief Tui
Level 5
Send Tui to collect Boat Repair Materials.
"Collect Boat Repair Materials"
4h Experience5, Shiny Shells50 Boat Repair Materials Token1
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui Moana! I've found something we could use to patch their hull, and... er... Are you all right up there?
Moana *huff* ... *puff* ... Yes!!! *huff* ... ... Never better!
Chief Tui Are you sure? Because it LOOKS like you've been sparring with a Kakamora chieftain IMMEDIATELY after getting out of bed.
Moana *huff* ... Don't worry! *puff* ... Made sure to... *hup!* ... stretch first!
Chief Tui All right... But once all this is over, I AM making you some medicinal tea, and you ARE drinking it!