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Character Dialogue
Jessie Woody! Woody! I just saw the most AMAZING sign! Had to stand on my head to read it, but...
Jessie There's some kinda musical spectacular goin' on, and we've GOTTA be a part of it!
Woody That's great, Jessie! I'm on board -- but we've GOT to work on our act first. Our last one went over like a wet balloon...

Just a Few Notes...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Jessie and Woody to update their act.[1]
"Update the Act"
8h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
Level ?
  1. Requires Al's Toy Barn
Character Dialogue
Jessie ... Right! I really think we're on to something, here!
Woody Really? I mean, the act IS maybe three-quarters yodeling now, but if you say so...
Woody Also, I realized -- do we actually know how to APPLY for this show in the first place?
Jessie Aah, those are just details! We'll figure it out!
Jessie In the meantime, I gotta rest my throat! Yodelin's serious business, you know!