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Character Dialogue
White Rabbit Mary Ann! Ohh, Mary ANNNN! Where IS that girl?!
White Rabbit I TOLD her to help me wind my new watch, but she's late -- and now I'm late, too. Mary ANNNNNNNNN!!!
White Rabbit Oh, my poor, poor unwound watch... Oh, my fur and whiskers! If I don't wind it myself, then no one will!

Just Winding You Up[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
White Rabbit
Level 1
Send the White Rabbit to tune up his watch.
"Tune Up My Watch"
60m Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Queen Coins50 during A Merry Unbirthday Event 2017
Character Dialogue
White Rabbit Now I can FINALLY see how far behind I aaaaaAAAAA FORTY YEARS LATE?!
White Rabbit ... Oh. I must have wound it too far!
White Rabbit I'm really just an hour late -- but I'm still late!!!