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Joe is a character released with Lady and the Tramp Update on 4th February 2020, and is a part of the Lady and the Tramp character collection.


Joe is a character in Disney's 1955 animated feature film, Lady and the Tramp.

Joe works for Tony at Tony's Restaurant. He's typically a loyal employee, but can be annoyed by his boss' short-temper. He also enjoys the company of "Butch" (The Tramp).


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome Plate of Spaghetti Token 40
Plate of Spaghetti Tokens
Wine Bottle Candle Token 20
Wine Bottle Candle Tokens
Joe Ears Hat Token 15
Joe Ears Hat Tokens
Magic 400,000
8h No
Level 2 Plate of Spaghetti Token 5 Wine Bottle Candle Token 2 Joe Ears Hat Token 2 Magic 15,000 36s Gems1, Experience10
Level 3 Plate of Spaghetti Token 10 Wine Bottle Candle Token 3 Joe Ears Hat Token 3 Magic 22,500 6m Gems1, Experience12
Level 4 Plate of Spaghetti Token 20 Wine Bottle Candle Token 5 Joe Ears Hat Token 5 Magic 33,750 35m Gems1, Experience14
Level 5 Plate of Spaghetti Token 40 Wine Bottle Candle Token 10 Joe Ears Hat Token 8 Magic 43,900 60m Gems2, Experience17
Level 6 Plate of Spaghetti Token 50 Wine Bottle Candle Token 15 Joe Ears Hat Token 12 Magic 57,050 2h Gems2, Experience20
Level 7 Plate of Spaghetti Token 60 Wine Bottle Candle Token 20 Joe Ears Hat Token 16 Magic 74,150 4h Gems3, Experience23
Level 8 Plate of Spaghetti Token 70 Wine Bottle Candle Token 25 Joe Ears Hat Token 20 Magic 96,400 8h Gems3, Experience26
Level 9 Plate of Spaghetti Token 80 Wine Bottle Candle Token 30 Joe Ears Hat Token 25 Magic 125,300 16h Gems3, Experience29
Level 10 Plate of Spaghetti Token 100 Wine Bottle Candle Token 35 Joe Ears Hat Token 30 Magic 162,900 24h Gems5, Experience30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Activity with Visual Animation Take a Break 60m Experience7, Magic40 Plate of Spaghetti Token
6 OK, Tony!
* Tony's Restaurant
Lvl 6
2h Experience13, Magic100
7 Home Delivery
* Lady and Tramp's Home
Lvl 7
4h Experience17, Magic150 Linguini Ears Hat Token
3 Food Prep
* Tony's Restaurant (Ench. Lvl. 1)
6h Experience16, Magic155 Lady Ears Hat Token
2 Activity with Visual Animation Full Serenade Tony
Lvl 2
6h Experience20, Magic210 Trusty Ears Hat Token
3 A Day's Work
* Tony's Restaurant
8h Experience20, Magic200 Jock Ears Hat Token Lady Ears Hat Token
3 Deliver Bones
* Lady and Tramp's Home (Ench. Lvl. 1)
8h Experience20, Magic200 Wine Bottle Candle Token Joe Ears Hat Token
4 Play for Visitors
* The Beaver Dam (Ench. Lvl. 1)
8h Experience20, Magic200 Tramp Ears Hat Token Tony's Accordion Token
5 Garnish Some Attention
* Tony's Restaurant (Ench. Lvl. 1)
Lvl 5
8h Experience25, Magic270 Jock's Coat Token Jock Ears Hat Token
8 Bella Notte Night
* Tony's Restaurant
Lvl 8
8h Experience25, Magic270 Pocahontas Ears Hat Token
9 Dogs Do Walk
* The Beaver Dam
Lvl 9
12h Experience37, Magic370
10 Request a Song
* Tony's Restaurant
Lvl 10
24h Experience57, Magic500

Joe Storyline

Side Quest Fresh and Frozen! (4h)
Side Quest Clocking In (8h)
Side Quest What Makes Perfect? (12h)
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