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Character Dialogue
Sally My visions were clearer than usual, Jack. Oogie isn't scarier than you at all... he only beat you this time because he had help!
Jack Skellington Then I haven't lost my touch after all...? Sally... this is wonderful news!
Jack Skellington It's not like Oogie to count on anyone besides Lock, Shock, and Barrel... and since they're not here, it must be someone new.
Jack Skellington ... And THAT gives me the most marvelous idea! Come with me, Sally; we have a lot of planning to do!

Jack Bounces Back[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Sally and Jack to plan at Jack's House.[1]
"Plan at Jack's House"
2h Maleficent Coins400 Refresh Token1
Jack Skellington
Level 1
  1. Requires Jack's House
Character Dialogue
Sally I think it's a lovely idea, Jack... But are you sure it will work?
Jack Skellington I've never been so sure of something in all my death, Sally!
Jack Skellington You can't scare someone properly unless you know what they're afraid of... and in Oogie's case, I think I know just what it is.
Sally I hope you're right, Jack... No... I KNOW you are!