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Character Dialogue
Dash Hey... uh... could you do me a HUGE favor?
Dash If my mom comes by, can you tell her you were... um... tutoring me in math for the last half hour?
Dash And we have NO IDEA how that gallon of orange soda exploded in my bedroom, but that it was probably a supervillain's fault?
Dash You're the best! Now, just... um... stay here while I take care of something, okay?

It Wasn't Me![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Dash home to clean his room as quickly as possible.[1]
"Go Home to Clean Room"
6h Incredibles Currency25
Character Dialogue
Dash Phew! Thanks for covering for-- I mean staying right here and telling the truth for me! Everything's gonna be fine now.
Dash (Hope Mom doesn't notice all that missing stain remover...)