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Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling Oh, dear, never mind Peter -- where am *I*?
Wendy Darling Perhaps this is a part of Never Land that I've never been to before. Oh, but I don't remember flying here.
Wendy Darling I know! I'll just fly up as high as I can and look around. I'm sure I can figure out where I am from the sky.

It Takes Faith and Trust...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Wendy Darling
Level 1
Send Wendy to get her bearings.
"Get One's Bearings"
4h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling How strange... This doesn't look like Never Land at all!
Wendy Darling But it DOES look like an adventuresome sort of place. Oh, that's wonderful!
Wendy Darling Ever since I left Never Land, I've been searching for new stories to tell Peter. I'm sure I'll find some marvelous ones here!
Wendy Darling It's hard to find good stories in London. Though watching Father tie his tie CAN be quite amusing.