Character Dialogue
Greef Karga Now, Cara -- hear me out. With the ISB barking at our heels, are you REALLY in any position to refuse a good-faith suggestion?
Cara Dune "Good faith"? From YOU?
Greef Karga Well, I can't say I like what you're implying, but--
Cara Dune Fine. I'm listening. Just make it the short version.

It's Very Respectable!

Character Activities Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Nevarro City. 2h Experience5, Galactic Credits50
Character Dialogue
Cara Dune ... Go back to the surface?! Are you INSANE?
Greef Karga Far from it! Mando doesn't know these tunnels; he said so himself. And the rest of us have never ONCE set foot down here!
Greef Karga As far as the above-ground portions of Nevarro are concerned, however, I'm certain of every shortcut and back alley...
Greef Karga Why, with a group as small as ours and me in the lead, we can slip past those troopers before they even--
Cara Dune Not a chance.
Greef Karga Hmph... Fine. If YOU won't be reasonable, maybe Mando will be...


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