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Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Thank goodness I got away form THAT encounter with my mainspring intact... The Master is not to be trifled with when he's angry!
Cogsworth Fortunately, now that the library is organized under the Cogsworth System, finding one lost book will be child's play!
Cogsworth "The Cogsworth System"... Oh, I DO hope that name catches on...

It's Systematic![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Cogsworth into the Castle to find the book.[1]
"Find the Book"
12h Experience45, Galactic Coins250
  1. Requires Beast's Castle
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Im--... Impossible! Unbelievable! It's... It's...!!! THE BOOK ISN'T THERE!!!
Cogsworth And the fourth row of shelf 11-A is CLEARLY reserved for English stage drama dated 1590 through 1600! I PUT UP SIGNS!!!
Cogsworth Unless... The Master was referring to the original Italian-language novella upon which the play was based...?
Cogsworth Which, now that I've said it out loud, seems... ah... VANISHINGLY unlikely.
Cogsworth The Master... isn't exactly conversant with obscure Renaissance literature.