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Character Dialogue
Alice Your Majesty, I... Well, I have something to say! I WILL join your croquet tournament--
Queen of Hearts Ahhh, splendid, my child! How extraordinarily voluntary of you to celebrate my imperially mandated unbirthday!
Alice Ah, excuse me... I wasn't finished. As I was saying, I will join your tournament...
Alice ...on the condition that, if I win, you release your royal subjects from acting as equipment IN that tournament!
Queen of Hearts Hrmm... Very well! But ONLY on the condition that, if *I* win, I have every right to lose my temper immediately!

It's ON![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Queen of Hearts
Level 1
Send the Queen of Hearts to warm up.
"Warm Up"
4h Experience10, Vinyl Records75
Character Dialogue
Queen of Hearts Heheheh... What a silly girl! Why, it doesn't matter one little bit what I agree to if I LOSE...
Queen of Hearts ...if there is an absolute certainty that I will WIN! And I can't possibly imagine ANY sort of certainty in which I wouldn't!
Queen of Hearts Ohhh, I am SO looking forward to losing my temper... It's always my favorite part of any croquet tournament!
Queen of Hearts Which is PRECISELY why I've decided to start early -- by yelling at this croquet ball right now! That's practice, you know.
Queen of Hearts The idea that I'd practice anything else BESIDES yelling only makes me want to lose my temper more!