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Character Dialogue
Jasmine Hmm... We want the best supplies for this party, but we've only been looking in one marketplace...
Jasmine In Agrabah, there are all SORTS of shops outside the bazaar. I bought a fabulous scroll from one just the other day.
Jasmine I bet the same thing is true here. Well, I'll just have to find out for myself!

Is This For Sale?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Jasmine to hunt for more exotic party favors.
"Hunt for Party Favors"
2h Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Jasmine Well, that was... interesting. Fun, yes... but I was too confused to buy much of anything.
Jasmine Does EVERY shop outside of Agrabah advertise by putting an oversized model of their wares on their roof?
Jasmine Maybe there's a shortage of sign-painters here...

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