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Character Dialogue
King Triton What have you found out about the human world since we last met, Sebastian?
King Triton Now that our two kingdoms are speaking with one another, I depend on you for regular updates...
Sebastian Of course, Your Majesty! I'm honored that you have put so much trust in--
King Triton ... After all, you're one of the only subjects I have who can go around on land without drying out.
Sebastian Ah. So THAT is the reason you... Never mind. Here is what I have learned!

Intercoastal Diplomacy[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
King Triton
Level 6
Send King Triton & Sebastian to have a check-in.
"Discuss the Human World"
6h Experience5, Magic100[1]
Level 1
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50 during A Watery Tale Event 2018
Character Dialogue
King Triton ... Fascinating. So they really do immerse themselves in water every day or so?
Sebastian Some of them do, yes! They need to do it in a special container, though, owing to the harsh atmosphere they got up there.
King Triton Still -- I'd say that speaks very highly of them, don't you think? Even if they DO insist on using fresh water.
King Triton Now -- what's this "soap" business you mentioned, exactly?