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Character Dialogue
Maui Moana! Wanted to run something by you... Remember how you said your people KIND OF remember me as the guy who cursed the world?
Moana Yep! Stole Te Fiti's heart, brought a thousand years of darkness... And, you know... helped fix it! But mostly those first things.
Maui Eesh. I'm guessing your people will remember YOU for, just... REALLY piling on in the middle of conversations.
Maui Anyway... not the point. I was thinking... Maybe if I tell you some BETTER stories, you could help spread THEM around instead!

Image Management[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Maui and Moana to share (flattering) legends.
"Share Legends"
6h Experience5, Magic100[1]
Level ?
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Shiny Shells50 during Find the Way Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Maui ... Okay, okay, stop me if I told this one already: How about the time when I LITERALLY made it so humans could see birds?
Moana ... Really. So, birds were just... invisible, before? And YOU fixed that. ... Somehow.
Maui Yep! That's one-hundred-percent vintage Maui. So, the next time you look at Heihei, spare a little gratitude for THIS guy!
Moana Uh... I'll try? It's just... Heihei has a lot of good qualities, but "great to look at..." isn't really one of them.
Maui ... Yeah, good point. Okay: Find a REALLY pretty finch or something, and be grateful for that instead!