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Character Dialogue
Elsa Sometimes, it is still helpful for me to be alone...
Elsa Oh! Not because I'm shutting Anna or anyone out -- I'd never do that again -- it's actually to help me practice.
Elsa Whenever I think of a REALLY big magical effect that I haven't done before, I like to try it at my ice palace first.
Elsa There's lots of room, and it's easy to concentrate, so I can make whatever I'm working on that much better! Like this...

Ice Practice[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Elsa to her Ice Palace to practice.[1]
"Practice Ice Skills"
4h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Elsa See? Actually, it took me a few days to figure that one out. Practicing alone really helped.
Elsa Of course, Olaf DID come to visit once. And he took me by surprise, rushing towards me for a big hug.
Elsa That was very sweet, but it wasn't the best thing for my focus.
Elsa Though I did accidentally make the largest snowball ever seen in Arendelle.
Elsa I guess inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places!