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Character Dialogue
King Louie That Mowgli cat is all right by me -- but what HE knows about a man's red fire, you could fit under a rock.
King Louie ... And wherever THIS crazy joint is, it's got man-cubs for DAYS, man! One of 'em's GOTTA know that secret!
King Louie All King Louie's gotta do is sit back and lay an eye on 'em! Y'know -- do some SERIOUS srutinizin', you dig?

I Wanna Be Like... Who?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
King Louie
Level 1
Send King Louie to do some man-cub-watching.
"Some Watching"
60m Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
King Louie Maaaan... If I was any more let down, you'd have to dig me a PIT, cousin!
King Louie All that time, and ain't no man-cub so much as SAID "fire"! Ain't even roasted no bananas or scared off no tigers, either!
King Louie Guess man-cubs these days just ain't got their priorities straight...
King Louie Maybe they oughta ask ol' King Louie to clue them in!