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Character Dialogue
Woody Hey Jessie, I got a great idea. Let's have a yodeling contest as part of the rodeo. Brilliant, right?
Jessie Well... I've got an even better idea! How about makin' the rodeo part of the yodeling contest?
Woody Interesting... but I like my idea better.
Jessie Fine. Then I'LL do the contest and YOU can do the rodeo. We'll see which one's more fun!

I Know What's Best[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Jessie to make plans at the Toy Barn.[1]
"Plan at the Toy Barn"
10m Experience5, Magic100
Level 3
Send Woody to practice lassoing for the rodeo.
"Practice Lassoing"
  1. Requires Al's Toy Barn
Character Dialogue
Jessie Gee, I guess it ain't much of a yodeling contest when there's only one contestant.
Jessie Especially when it's me.
Woody I wish Jessie and I could find a compromise. A rodeo without her just doesn't feel right.