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Character Dialogue
Doc Ahh... Nothin' like wakin' up right and squirrely for a good day's work! Uh... "bright and early," I mean.
Doc I've been thinkin'... We've been here for who knows how long, and... and... why, we ain't got hardly any mining done!
Doc Gems are awful malleable -- I mean, valuable 'round here... And they ain't no use to anybody if you don't dig, dig, dig 'em up!
Doc And there's no use dig, dig, digging 'em up if you ain't sketched... uh, STRETCHED yourself out right, first!

Hup, Two, Three, Four...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc to do his morning exercises.
"Do Morning Exercises"
4h Experience10, Shiny Shells75
Character Dialogue
Doc Ahhh... That's the cricket! Uh... I mean, ticket! Swingin' that pick is gonna be easy as gooseberry pie!
Doc I'd wash, too -- but Snow White don't mind us waitin' 'til after work to do that. That's when we're shirtiest... uh, dirtiest!
Doc Besides, I got six other dwarfs to wake up! And THAT usually takes me a spell...