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Character Dialogue
Huey I love going to Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin... Which is great, 'cause Dewey, Louie and me get to do that a lot!
Huey Sometimes, though, it's more fun when it's just me! That way, I can get up to stuff that the others don't wanna...

Hue's There?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Huey to visit The Money Bin.[1]
"Visit The Money Bin"
16h Experience5, Magic100
  1. Requires The Money Bin
Character Dialogue
Huey ... Forty-seven squiddillion, three hundred and twelve brazillion, nine hundred and ninety-nine banana-fana-fo-fillion...
Huey ... One hundred and three million, four thousand, eight hundred and twenty-three dollars... and sixteen cents!
Huey Wow! So THAT'S how much money is in there!
Huey I didn't actually count it all... but the Junior Woodchucks are REALLY big on "accurate estimation!"