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Character Dialogue
Mama Odie Been a while since I've seen y'all, Hopalong! How's your ol' mama and papa doin'?
Prince Naveen ... What? I mean... good. They are good! Much more approving of my life choices. But it's really Tiana that I've come to--
Mama Odie Ahhh, that's fine, child, just fine! I get plenty o' new stuff cookin', too. Y'all sit down here and we'll talk it over!
Prince Naveen Uh... Okay? (Did she hear what I said about Tiana? I can never tell...)

How's the Family?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mama Odie
Level 2
Send Mama Odie and Naveen to visit in the Bayou.[1]
"Visit in the Bayou"
6h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Prince Naveen
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Mama Odie ... And just last week, Juju's cousin come by -- say he got a job with a snake charmer! Of all the things... Y'all want some candy?
Prince Naveen What? Oh... no. No, thank you, ah... I think that may be a bottle cap. And can we talk about Tiana NOW? Because--
Mama Odie Nah-ah-ah -- see, there's your problem, Hopalong! Talkin' 'stead of listenin'!
Mama Odie Tell you what: If y'all had listened to your mama in the first place, you'd have found Tiana twice over already!
Prince Naveen I... Wait. How's that again? I'm... not sure I understand you.
Mama Odie Heeheeheeeee! Oh, you will, child -- you will!
Mama Odie But y'all gonna have to figure that part out yourself. Ol' Mama Odie can only take you so far!