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Character Dialogue
Chief Tui Sina likes to joke -- but I've really come to prefer the public-speaking portions of New Year's to the athletic contests.
Chief Tui Especially as I've gotten older... It's important to remember that we're gathering to honor those who came before us!
Chief Tui I should make sure I can remember all of the ancient songs... You never know which ones you'll be called upon to recite.

How's That Go Again?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Chief Tui
Level 1
Send Chief Tui to review the songs.
"Review the Songs"
8h Experience10, Sand Dollars75
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui ... Mm. I'll have to remember to enunciate that part better. Otherwise, the people in the back won't be able to--
Pua Squeeee!
Chief Tui Haha! Well, hello there, Pua! Don't tell me you'd like to take up chanting too?
Chief Tui Because, between the two of us, you MIGHT want to work a bit on your diction first.