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Character Dialogue
Doc Well, the men are all bready... uh, ready -- but they ain't the only ones in the house!
Doc I'd better have a talk with the quince-- uh, princess. She's gotta be on the lookout for wicked wiles while we're away!
Doc And there's been all kinds of wily wickedness about, too. Not just the Queen, but all kinds of other snitches and shorelocks...
Doc If I didn't have to show courage for the princess's sake, why... why... why, I wouldn't have hardly any courage to show!

House Call[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc and Snow White to talk in the Cottage.[1]
"Talk in the Cottage"
8h Experience10, Shiny Shells75
Snow White
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Snow White Now, Doc: It's ever so sweet of you to be worried about me, but I'm sure I'll be quite all right!
Snow White After all... Why, think of how much brighter and lovelier this place has become, ever since we first arrived here!
Doc Princess...! Why... why, I couldn't have read it letter my-- I mean, led it setter my... Uh...
Doc Ha! Well, I guess I really COULDN'T have!
Doc That ain't never stopped me from tryin', though!