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Character Dialogue
Elsa All right, now that we're here, we'll go in and... Wait. What's that sound...?
Anna Oh! I hear it too! It's kind of... an angry, grumbly, monster-ish snuffling. Like when Sven gets a head cold.
Elsa Anna, you'd better stay here. This could be dangerous. I'll go in and make sure everything's okay.

Home Security[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Elsa to search the Ice Palace for intruders.[1]
"Search for Intruders"
4h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Character Dialogue
Elsa It's Marshmallow! He's causing the storm. That's why it felt linked to my magic! Because I was the one who made him...
Anna Wait... that giant snowman gatekeeper you made? Who likes to throw people and doesn't like snowballs? HE'S making this storm?
Elsa Yes, but it's not his fault! He's asleep. Those sounds are him snoring. And somehow, his snores are changing the weather!
Anna I don't know WHAT kind of magic could affect him like that, but I can feel it... And I know who's to blame.
Elsa There's a man inside wearing a Southern Isles uniform... who I may have frozen to the wall.