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Character Dialogue
The Bride I've been away from home... away from the attic... for too long...
The Bride Who will keep the other 998 spirits company if not a Ghost Hostess? I must have guests for when I wed again...

Home's Where the Haunt Is[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
The Bride
Level 4
Send The Bride to roam the Haunted Mansion.[1]
"Haunt the Mansion"
4h Experience5, Magic100
  1. Requires Haunted Mansion
Character Dialogue
The Bride Ahh... Sweet Gracey Mansion. Returning is always such sorrowful sweetness...
The Bride Ever since... "inheriting" it, I have always been proud to call New Orleans my home... Or was it New York...?
The Bride Ah, well... it does not matter. Either place is lovely enough to hold a proper reception...