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Character Dialogue
March Hare Very rude of the White Rabbit, not being home to tell the Hatter what he should be remembering... Very, very rude!
March Hare That's to say, he ALMOST doesn't even deserve tea!
March Hare Ahh... but on the other hand, the White Rabbit NEVER has time for tea! And in THAT case... perhaps he deserves to be GIVEN some!
March Hare Now, THAT'S a sound argument if I've ever heard one!

Hide nor Hare[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
March Hare
Level 3
Send the March Hare to lay out tea for the White Rabbit.
"Lay Out the Tea"
60m Experience5, Queen Coins50
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter I say, good chum... whatever are you doing? It looks marvelous, whatever it is...
March Hare Oh -- nothing, nothing! Just preparing a bit of tea for a certain Whi--
Mad Hatter Did you say TEA?! Why, how kind of you to offer!
March Hare Why... I DID say tea! And the pleasure is all mine!
March Hare It's been an ETERNITY since we've had any tea! MINUTES, at least!