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Character Dialogue
Héctor Rivera It's been a while since I wore this old outfit... Now that I'm remembered, I get by a lot better day to day.
Héctor Rivera Imelda and the familia take good care of me, for one... but I've got people in the living world helping me out now, too!
Héctor Rivera Like this duct tape holding my tibia together? Some fan left it for me in the cemetery today. True story!
Héctor Rivera Still: I try not to forget where I came from. And that means there's something I've got to do...

Hey, Tío![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Héctor Rivera
Level 4
Send Héctor to visit the Land of the Dead.[1]
"Go Visiting"
4h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires Land of the Dead
  2. The rewards were Experience5, Vinyl Records50 during A Show to Remember Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Héctor Rivera Ahh... It's good to see all my cousins down there in Shantytown again!
Héctor Rivera Everyone's still holding together since last time, too... I try not to take that for granted, you know?
Héctor Rivera It's why I don't dress like a big shot when I visit. Don't wanna make anyone uncomfortable in the time they've got left...
Héctor Rivera But hey: Hopefully all the offerings I brought 'em will help with that, too!
Héctor Rivera My living fans leave me more than I could ever use! Why not spread the love around, right?