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Character Dialogue
Nani GAH! What ARE those things?! Dolls should NOT be walking around like that...
Nani Either Lilo bought a LOT of weird craft supplies and didn't tell me about it, or this is one of Jumba's side projects...
Nani Rrrrgh... DEFINITELY Jumba. Remind me to have words with that stupid-head later... For now, let's get rid of those things!

Her Head IS Too Big![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Scrump Dolls Tap the Scrump Dolls. (x15)
"Spawn Rate: 5 every 10 minutes"
Instant [1] Gems2, Experience5, Galactic Coins50
  1. Although the character activities is Instant, the complete quest duration is 20m because of the Scrump Dolls spawn rate.
Character Dialogue
Nani Whew! That was... really creepy.
Nani They DID look a lot like Scrump, though... I wonder if they all had bug eggs in their ears, like Lilo always said...?
Nani *shiver* ... Never mind. I'm gonna try my best not to think about that ever again.
Nani You can get used to a lot of things when you live with aliens -- but not EVERYTHING!