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Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington So, YOU'RE the miscreant that's behind all this, Oogie... How DARE you treat this wonderful place so shamefully!
Oogie Boogie HAH! So you think you found me out, skeleton man? Well, do I have news for you... I, the one and only Oogie Boogie Man...
Oogie Boogie ...have NO idea what you're talkin' about!
Oogie Boogie But if you think that means I'm gonna lay off all my USUAL troublemakin', then pal... you got another think comin'!

Hello, Old Foe[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Jack Skellington
Level 1
Send Jack & Oogie Boogie to have a face-off.
"Have a Face-Off"
2h Refresh Token1, Maleficent Coins400
Oogie Boogie
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington Hah! Another virtuosic performance from the Pumpkin King! Oogie will think twice before he shows his face around HERE again.
Jack Skellington But... that's strange... Oogie may be gone... but that same old chill is still in the air. I wonder why that could be?
Sally Maybe it has something to do with my vision after all! But I'm sure that whatever it is, we can still try our best to fix it.
Jack Skellington Why, Sally... that's exactly right! There's no reason at all to be discouraged -- not when the two of us are here to help!
Jack Skellington No matter how dire the situation might be, NOBODY spreads the Halloween spirit like Jack and Sally!