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Character Dialogue
Belle ... Which is why I wanted to find you as soon as I could. You've been a little quiet lately, I can tell. So--
Beast Oh, no... It's not what you think, Belle, I promise! I... I only wanted to...
Belle (Haha... I can tell when he's nervous, too! His fur always stands on end... It's kind of cute!)
Belle Don't worry: I know the whole story already, and I'm not mad! I just wanted to sit down and talk about it. Is that all right?

Heart to Heart[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Belle and Beast to discuss the secret.
"Discuss the Secret"
2h Refresh Token1, Maleficent Coins400
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Beast ... but are you sure you want to help me? Going there... it could be dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt...
Belle I understand... and I'm glad that you care about me. But I want to help, too -- just as much as you do!
Belle When the two of us work together, and trust each other -- without secrets -- there's nothing we can't do!
Beast Belle... I feel the same way. Thank you... for everything.