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Hatbox Ghost is a character released with WDW 50th Anniversary, Haunted Mansion Tower Challenge Update on 5th October 2021, and is a part of the Haunted Mansion character collection.


The Hatbox Ghost is a character from the Haunted Mansion that was removed from the attraction shortly after it opened in 1969. Despite this, he has appeared in various media related to the attraction. He officially returned to the attraction on May 9, 2015.

In life, the hatter had some unknown affiliation to Constance Hatchaway, a serial-killer from California who targeted wealthy men to marry and murder. Hatchaway's modus operandi was to kill men with an axe, decapitate them and keep their severed heads within hatboxes; hatboxes which at some point the Hatbox Ghost came in possession of. Constance is known to have killed at-least four wealthy men in this fashion between 1869 and 1876; seemingly all in the state of California. Although the means of his death is never disclosed, it is presumed it is associated with Hatchaway chopping his head off as well. He ultimately appears in the mansion in the same attic as the Bride, where his head appears first on his body before eerily moving to his trademark hatbox in his hand leaving him headless.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome Instant No
Level 2 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 5
Haunted Mansion Sign Tokens
Ghostly Hatbox Token 2
Ghostly Hatbox Tokens
Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 2
Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Tokens
Magic 3,000
36s Gems1, Experience10
Level 3 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 10 Ghostly Hatbox Token 3 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 4 Magic 4,500 6m Gems1, Experience12
Level 4 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 20 Ghostly Hatbox Token 5 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 6 Magic 6,750 35m Gems1, Experience14
Level 5 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 40 Ghostly Hatbox Token 10 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 8 Magic 8,800 60m Gems2, Experience17
Level 6 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 50 Ghostly Hatbox Token 15 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 12 Magic 11,450 2h Gems2, Experience20
Level 7 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 60 Ghostly Hatbox Token 25 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 16 Magic 14,900 4h Gems3, Experience23
Level 8 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 70 Ghostly Hatbox Token 35 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 22 Magic 19,350 8h Gems3, Experience26
Level 9 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 80 Ghostly Hatbox Token 50 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 30 Magic 25,150 16h Gems3, Experience29
Level 10 Haunted Mansion Sign Token 100 Ghostly Hatbox Token 65 Hatbox Ghost Ears Hat Token 40 Magic 32,700 24h Gems5, Experience30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Activity with Visual Animation What's in the Hatbox? 60m Experience7, Magic40 Haunted Mansion Sign Token
4 Swap Heads
* Haunted Mansion
Lvl 4
60m Experience9, Magic55
2 Haunt the Attic
* Haunted Mansion
2h Experience10, Magic75 Ezra Ears Hat Token
6 Chuckle Gravely
* The Haunted Mansion
Lvl 6
2h Experience13, Magic100
3 Perform Hat Trick
* The Haunted Mansion
4h Experience13, Magic110 Gus's Ball and Chain Token
6 Compare Hats
* Haunted Mansion
Lvl 6
4h Experience17, Magic150 The Bride Ears Hat Token
7 Mysteriously Disappear
* Haunted Mansion
Lvl 7
4h Experience17, Magic150
5 Activity with Visual Animation Disappearing Act 6h Experience16, Magic155 Phineas Ears Hat Token
8 Startle Guests
* The Haunted Mansion
Lvl 8
8h Experience25, Magic270
9 Rattle Chains
* Haunted Mansion
Lvl 9
8h Experience25, Magic270
10 Activity with Visual Animation Bridal Gift The Bride
Lvl 10
12h Experience37, Magic370

Hatbox Ghost Storyline

Side Quest Getting Ahead? (4h)
Side Quest Happy Haunting! (6h)
Side Quest Long Time No Scare (8h)